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New Packaging Group is an innovative platform in the packaging industry. Our aim? To achieve progress and sustainable development for employees, partners, relations and suppliers.

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Who are we?

The New Packaging Group is an innovative platform built by packaging manufacturers. Our goal? To create a sustainable platform for the supply and creation of tomorrow's packaging. 


Packaging manufacturers join forces to achieve sustainable development for employees, partners, business associates and suppliers.


By sharing knowledge, we help each other to work ever smarter.

More sustainable

The New Packaging Group combats waste within the industry and is committed to reducing, reusing or efficiently recycling current waste streams.


Within the New Packaging Group, we are constantly looking for new talent. In addition, we offer our current employees every opportunity for sustainable personal growth and professional development.

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Would you like to work at New Packaging Group?

Are you looking for a great job offer within the packaging industry? Then take a look at our vacancies page by clicking on the green button. All affiliated partners of the New Packaging Group share their new vacancies here. These are diverse positions within the following fields:






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Affiliated partners

The New Packaging Group is a major platform within the packaging industry. With our affiliated partners, we always have a job in the packaging industry just around the corner!

Bliston Packaging  - Nijkerk

Bliston Packaging is a thermoformer that operates internationally and focuses on both the 'food' and 'non-food' markets.

Meulendijks Packaging - Helmond

Meulendijks Packaging is a leading manufacturer of plastic food packaging for the catering and food industry.

Nedupack Thermoforming - Duiven & Sonsbeck (DE)

Nedupack is een toonaangevende speler in de markt van kunststof  verpakkingsoplossingen in zowel de food als non-food branche

Bliston Thermoform Packaging - Flevoland

Production location of Bliston Packaging.

Together you can achieve more.

"In a fast-growing and competitive market like the packaging industry, it can be challenging to always attract the best employees. With our combined forces within the New Packaging Group, we are always visible within our valuable target group of technical talents, allowing us to constantly attract talent and help our employees grow internally."

Olaf Dolfin

CEO New Packaging Group

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Become part of the New Packaging Group?

When your organisation joins the New Packaging Group as a partner, you will be welcomed with open arms and benefit from all the advantages. Together we are strong and together we can achieve sustainable development for ourselves, our employees and our suppliers. Join the club!

Being attractive as a client within the industry
Smarter by sharing knowledge within the group
Range is increased by combined forces

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